Pig chases reporter during live shot on TV

KINETA, Greece (CNN) – Live reporting can have its challenges.

Lazos Mantikos with Antenna TV spent his live shot dodging a sow that just wouldn’t leave him alone. (Source: CNN)

Just ask Lazos Mantikos with Antenna TV, who was trying to do a story on flooding in the resort town of Kineta when he was met by a curious pig that was a real attention hog.

The reporter spent his live shot during “Good Morning Greece” dodging a sow that just wouldn’t leave him alone.

“Giorgos, can you hear me? We have a pig here that has been chasing us since this morning,” Mantikos said.

News anchor Giorgos Papadakis couldn’t hold back his amusement, chuckling on camera and then apologizing for the laughter.

“Sorry guys, I can’t stand (still) because it’s biting me,” Mantikos said, with the swine still nipping at his heels.

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