Partial roof collapse at Brown County Arena

Published: Apr. 21, 2018 at 12:08 PM CDT
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Officials with the Brown County Arena state the arena had a portion of its roof collapse late Friday night.

A large chunk of snow slid off the roof onto the lower roof of an inner lobby that leads into the arena.

The heavy snow then smashed through the inner lobby roof.

Officials say overnight on Friday, is when another large chunk of snow fell and crashed through the roof of a conference room used by the Green Bay Area Convention & Visitor Bureau.

No one was hurt, nor was anyone in the area at the time.

"We've had snow in the past that's not unusual and it's fallen off the roof in the past, but we just got the storm of a lifetime and that snow is very wet and heavy. So, it's extremely heavy and when it comes falling 50-60 feet, it just crashed through these roofs," said Terry Charles, Corporate Communications Manager for the Resch Center.

Charles says no one will be going inside the building until all the snow on top of the arena has fallen off.

"Once the snow is off the arena roof, once there is no more danger of it falling, we'll need to get crews in there to get that snow and get it cleaned up. I mean, you know, there's beams showing, there's some wiring that is showing, so there's a lot of damage in that small area," said Charles.

PMI Entertainment Group said it is working with officials from Brown County, the village of Ashwaubenon and the appropriate insurance companies regarding these incidents.

More snow is expected to fall from the roof so the area near the arena and adjoining offices is now restricted and barricaded. Anyone walking in the area is urged to respect these barricades and not get close.

The Justin Moore concert at the Resch Center on Saturday was not canceled. Concert-goers are also asked to use caution in this area.

Meanwhile, others in Green Bay were enjoying the warm-up and spring like weather.

"It's absolutely gorgeous, I love being able to come out in my own city in Green Bay and just have fun on the city deck with friends, we grabbed some coffee at The Creamery and it's just really nice to soak up some sunshine and enjoy our city," said Desirae Nachtwey and Hailee Murphy.

Those enjoying Saturday's sunshine say they've heard of numerous roof collapses due to the snow melt, some even experiencing it at their jobs.

"Yeah, where I work, over at the KI the buildings the ceiling started to sag and we were't allowed in the building for most of the week so we had to work from home or over at the other building," said Andy Copish, who was out enjoying the weather.

"It's really scary to even think that that would happen- especially in April-- so- yeah and it's crazy to think about that's really how much snow we actually got," said Desirae Nachtwey and Hailee Murphy.