Paper Transport Inc. to begin donating some profits during COVID-19 pandemic

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DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) - Just today, The Department of Workforce Development reported more than 70,000 people in Wisconsin have filed for unemployment benefits.

President of Paper Transport Incorporated, Jeff Shefchik, said those numbers caught his attention.

"Right now our business is still strong, so we wanted to help those who are less fortunate and who's businesses aren't going strong," Shefchik said.

In a Facebook post, Shefchik said in order to help those local businesses, the company is making donations.

"So most of our contributions are going to go into food pantries that we operate in," said Shefchik.

Shefchik said Paper Transport Inc. will donate a minimum of 100,000 dollars.

"So we're going to write those checks right in April and then at the end of the month we're going to take a look and half of our profits and donate them to charities," said Shefchik." "We're going to distribute the cash based on where our employees live. You know, we haven't decided on all of the charities yet because this was really an impulse decision."

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