Packers rookie RB Dillon already in town and hard at work

Published: May. 21, 2020 at 9:36 PM CDT
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The Packers don't even know when they will be able to get on the field to practice, but their newest running back (2nd-round pick A.J. Dillon) is already in town and hard at work.

"I am just the type of guy who likes to get ready and rolling early," Dillon said. "Our last game against Pitt, the next day I was in there doing Combine prep in the weight room. When I set my sights to something I turn around and get going. I was excited to get out here."

The former Boston College bruiser is itching for action and working out at Synergy sports. He's actually been in Titletown for 3 weeks already, but hasn't been any fellow rookies or Packers vets.

"I don't think anyone else is in town," Dillon said. "I'm still the first, 3 weeks in now. I had a cheese curd so I am officially a Midwesterner."

Dillon is also doing classroom work through Zoom meetings with the Packers coaching staff to learn the playbook.

"It is definitely not my natural style of learning," Dillon said. "I am not used to Zoom. I have never learned football through it. I can't speak for any other organization, but the Packers have done a tremendous job. "

While Dillon would rather be on the football field taking part in an NFL offseason practice, he is still getting in quite the workout at Synergy Sports, where he's experiencing a big upgrade from the workouts he was able to do early in the pandemic.

"At the beginning of the pandemic when everything was closed I felt like I was in a Rocky movie," DIllon said. "I was out there running miles and running up steps, like an old school old-fashioned workout. I got used to it and found alternatives."

And he's getting in plenty strength training to maintain his trademark balance. Beyond running people over, he has a knack for staying on his feet no matter what.

"That is something I constantly work on," Dillon said. "I am trying to be an "A.P.B." An all-purpose-back. I want to be someone who can do it all. I want to catch, pass block, be someone who can take the pounding, and do it all. I feel whenever the NFL does open back up, because of this I will be prepared."