Packers react to preseason-opening win

Matt LaFleur wins his NFL head coaching debut as the Packers beat the Texans in the preseason opener-- barely.

It was a typical preseason game, it was very sloppy in a lot of areas, and a lot of healthy guys not playing in this game.

The Packers managed just 237 yards of offense, but quarterbacks DeShone Kizer and Tim Boyle combined for three touchdowns, and there was some improvement shown in areas that have caused problems so far in training camp.

“We didn’t have any delay of games," Lafleur said after the game. "We got up to the line, like I’ve been talking about with urgency. And I just thought the operation was clean. And they did a nice job executing when the plays were there.“

"To go out there and get that drive fully going before the end of the half was nice," Kizer said about the scoring drive late in the second quarter. "Obviously I was able to spread the ball around, the run game was looking good, and had a couple of big third downs we were able to convert. And Shepherd going out there and getting up on the ball that was a little misplaced high for him and coming down with it safely in the end zone. That’s exactly how you want a drive to go.“

“That’s fun when you are out there and it is clicking, and I think the same thing happened to DeShone," Boyle added. "We both came off the field saying the ball was coming off our hands well today, and it felt good to be out there. It was just clicking for us, so it was good.“

The Packer defense this year wants to be all about the ball; in other words, more takeaways.

They accomplished that against the Texans with three takeaways on defense and four total.

“Yeah, that is what we talk about all the time, we are going to be about the ball," said Lafleur. "That was the difference in the game.“

“We are just letting all the teams that we are going against, letting them know that this is how we are coming this year," said rookie corner back Ka’dar Hollman, who had an interception in the win. "This is going to be a defensive-driven team because defense wins championships. So that is going to be our identity throughout the whole season.“

As for those healthy guys not playing, there were 14 of them in street clothes, but that will change next week.

Matt LaFleur said his number ones will play against Baltimore on the road.