Packers players take dozens of kids Christmas shopping during 'Shop with a Jock'

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Packers defensive tackle Mike Daniels and a few of his teammates grabbed some carts at Walmart and took a team of kids Christmas shopping. This is Daniels' second year hosting his 'Shop with a Jock' event.

Mike Daniels takes his team of kids through a toy aisle

"A lot of times Christmas can be a stressful situation, so it's wonderful to have the kids to be able to put themselves first," said Jess Slaby, impact evaluator at Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay.

Daniels says through the shopping trip, he wants to show these kids he cares.

"Just let them see that people care, you know what I mean? Also, that it's important to give back. All these kids will be successful in some way shape or form in their life and we all have the ability to give back," Daniels said.

Each year the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Green Bay chooses a brand new set of kids for Shop with a Jock, and the impact is lasting.

"It lasts all year long the impact. They talk about it for the entire year, and it's hard to get them to stop talking about it, but it gets other kids very excited to try it if they haven't done it themselves," Slaby says.

Fifty kids from Green Bay's Boys and Girls Club age 7 through 18 each received $100 gift cards to Walmart. Daniels told the kids to spend that money on themselves, but throughout the shopping trip he sees how selfless the kids are, buying presents for their brothers, sisters and parents.

"I did see a lot of selflessness. My group of kids and the other kids they were all looking for gifts for younger siblings, younger cousins, and that was really heartwarming, you know what I'm saying? To see that they were caring more about the next person more than themselves," said Daniels.

The event also teaches the kids how to budget by having to add the prices of their items up before checking out.

"The register process can be kind of exciting as well. The kids have to see if they are under or they are over a little bit, and it kind of is neat to see them think through that kind of process," Slaby said.

Daniels says his favorite part of the whole experience is to see the smiles on all the kids’ faces.

"It was really fun, and they really appreciate it, and seeing the kids’ faces light up a lot that was awesome," adds Daniels.

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