Packers fans 'shocked and sad' over release of Jordy Nelson

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- The news of Jordy Nelson’s release from the Green Bay Packers isn’t sitting well with fans Tuesday as they learn number 87 won’t be suiting up this season in green and gold.

Action 2 News caught up with a few fans who learned of the release while shopping inside the Packers Pro Shop in Lambeau Field.

“Sandy got a notice on her phone that they just released Jordy Nelson and I am looking at her going what? What are you talking about?” said Pam Boldig, a lifelong Packers fan.

“We asked the clerks in the store and they said, ‘Oh my God, we can’t believe it either. This can’t be right, we are in shock’,” Sandy Zierden, a lifelong Packers fan. “Someone else in there shed a tear because she was like, ‘We need him, where is he going?”

“I’d take him, wouldn’t you? There’s not a team in the league that wouldn’t take Jordy Nelson,” said Andy Schrock, a Minnesota Vikings fan.

Schrock says the Packers front office is making a big mistake.

“I think they are idiots, I mean quite frankly,” said Schrock.

Schrock says he’d add Nelson to the Vikings roster in a heartbeat.

“He is a pain in every teams butt, I don’t care who you put on him,” said Schrock.

Even 12-year-old Seattle Seahawks fan, Ty Walker, is confused about the move to let Nelson go.

“Jordy Nelson was like the best receiver they had, so I don’t know why they would give him away,” said Walker. “He can catch and he is pretty fast.”

But no matter what, the Packers fans still have Nelson’s back and they hope this isn’t actually the end of his time here in Green Bay.

“He is part of the team. He has to stay,” said Boldig. “They have to figure out something, they better.”

Action 2 News did talk to the Timber Rattlers about Jordy Nelson’s upcoming charity softball game and they said they are going to wait and see what happens before making any decision.