Packers defense ahead of offense as offseason program ends

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - New Packers coach Matt LaFleur is wrapping up his first offseason program this week, before taking a 6 week break before re-convening for training camp in July. He hopes the ground work he has laid down will help pay dividends this fall.

“While I feel we are coming together as a team, there is a long way to go and I think our guys realize that,” LaFleur said. “There is a lot of sloppiness that we have to clean up moving forward. I think you always want more, even when they are handling it well, you still want more. I love the character of this team. I love these guys are working hard. But I still think there is a ways to go. And I am looking forward to getting these guys back in training camp and seeing where we can go with this thing.”

“I think we have made some good strides throughout the spring and the way it looked in that first mini camp compared to the way it looks now is night and day,” right tackle Bryan Bulaga said. “I am excited to see what happens when the pads come on.”

“I think we still have some things to work through,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. “I think there's some little nuances that we have to keep talking through as far as some of the signals and adjustments and some stuff that will be important going into training camp.”

“The defense is definitely ahead of the game right now,” said Packers coach Matt LaFleur. “It's not as crisp as I would like our operation to be.”

Matt LaFleur's assessment coming after the defense held its own in 2-minute drills to end practice for a second straight day.

“I mean this if my first year where I feel like the defense is ahead of the offense,” said right tackle Bryan Bualga. “Where we are at, I think that is to be expected. They are in their 2nd year with this scheme and we are freshly installing this thing and getting used to it. But we are making some strides.”

Veteran Bryan Bulaga is getting comfortable learning something new for the first time since his rookie season 9 years ago. And with this offense an experience disadvantage, the defense is responding to its day in the sun.

“How I would expect them to act,” Bulaga said. “There's a lot of talk, but things change. We'll get there.”

“Oh yea, there is always talk back and forth, messing with each other, but it is all in competitive fun,” said linebacker Blake Martinez.

The fact that the Packers defense is getting the better of the offense could mean that the defense is actually going to be a much better unit this fall.

“Yea, I don't think you can ask anybody up front here that doesn't mind our defense doing well,” Bulaga said. “We like that they are doing now. They are doing well and doing well playing against really good players and doing well. To me it only benefits us going against them when they are confident in their scheme and doing everything that they want to do.”