Packers Sunday home game temperatures raising concerns

GREEN BAY, Wis. Nearly forty years ago the Packers recorded their highest temperature for a home game. It was 85 degrees Fahrenheit that September day. Sunday's game could break that record and the heat is prompting concerns about the thousands of fans that will pack Lambeau Field.

"For regular season games we have had some warm games in the past, in fact 14 of them range from 78 degrees up to 85 so our fans are certainly familiar with these things certainly extremes either way. We're known for cold but also certainly for warmth," said Aaron Popkey, Director of Public Affairs for the Green Bay Packers.

Regardless, the team says fans need to follow the advice of health professionals during these hot games. The most important is staying hydrated.

"Some things just to keep in mind are to please drink plenty of fluids and by fluids we mean non-caffeinated non-alcoholic beverages, water's your best bet as far as that goes," said Lt. Cody Johnson with the Green Bay Metro Fire Department.

Johnson says some signs of heat exhaustion include fatigue, dizziness, confusion and a rapid heartbeat, anybody with those symptoms should go and cool down immediately.

Many tailgaters will likely be on blacktop, which attracts extra heat. Loose and light clothing is advised for game day.

"Depending on the sun if we've got clouds or sun there's certainly sections of seating area that could be in the sun so fans in those areas just need to be prepared for that in terms of hats, sunglasses, those types of things," says Popkey.

Green Bay Metro Fire says tailgaters and fans need to also be mindful when drinking alcohol.

"If you are having some of those beverages, mix in a lot of water with it, mix in a lot of you know Powerade, Gatorade that kind of stuff, and if the sun is getting to be too warm for you, find some shade somewhere, there's plenty of shade," said Johnson.

"Listen to your body, use common sense, if you have to get out of the heat and sit down our concourses are in the shade that's a good place to go," added Popkey.