Packers "Empower" area students

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Green Bay Packers are hosting the fourth annual Empower leadership event for Brown County middle school students at Lambeau Field.

Kids listening at Empower conference

Two hundred-eighty students are participating in "Empower."

This week students have been listening to keynote speakers to encourage and inspire them to make a difference in the community. Thursday featured a presentation from Olympic gold medalist Adam Kreek.

They discuss topics such as bullying, teamwork and leadership.

Organizers say now is the perfect time for middle school students to learn the positive impact they can have.

"They have the potential now to be making a positive impact in their community. And now is great time to be learning that. They're going through a lot of different changes at this age, but we don't want them to forget that their influence is what will make our future greater," Packers community outreach coordinator Amanda Wery said.