Packers 100th season ends with ugly 31-0 loss to Lions

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Turn out the lights. The Packers’ 100th season ends with a whimper.

Davante Adams, 1 catch shy of the single-season franchise record, didn't play with a knee injury.

Aaron Rodgers left with a concussion.

Then Ron Zook's inept special teams gave us another doozy, allowing the Lions’ kicker to complete an easy touchdown toss.

Green Bay ends the season, with another loss.

“It's horrible,” said receiver Randall Cobb. “You get blown out in the last game and it sucks. Taking in the moment. Obviously it's not the way I'd like to walk off the field if it is the last time.”

“It felt like a lifeless game,” defensive back Tramon Williams said. “There was no rhythm to it. It was tough. I was in it. But it was hard to watch also. Bad ending.”

“Disappointed for the fans and the team in the score today,” said interim coach Joe Philbin. “Didn't see that coming. But you know, obviously, it's a heck of a different (feel in the) locker room than it was 7 days ago. They will rebound and get back and as I told the team, there is a great future here.”

“It motivates you, going back to back years and missing your goal of the playoffs and then some,” said defensive lineman Dean Lowry. “I think guys will come in with renewed energy this offseason. We will have a new staff in place, so we will see what their plan for us is. But I can tell you we will be motivated and hungry next year.”

“It's definitely not the way we envisioned our season ending,” linebacker Clay Matthews said. “It's tough. We wanted to finish strong and we didn't do that.”

“When it came down to making plays and putting points on the board, we finished short of that,” quarterback Deshone Kizer said after filling in for a concussed Aaron Rodgers. “There are a lot of things that need to go right to win a football game. There has to be a good mix or run and pass and pass protecting. We wouldn't be excited about the way we ran the ball today. We wouldn't be excited about the way we performed on third down.”

“We had a lot of highs and a lot of lows (this year),” said running back Jamaal Williams. “We just needed more highs this year. That's all. A lot of the highs have come from us just playing our game and executing. A lot of the lows were made on our mistakes. We just have to come back with focus.”

Aaron Rodgers ends the year with only 2 interceptions, the fewest of his career as a starter. But his meager 25 TD passes were by far his fewest as a 16-game starter. Rodgers' 4,442 yards? 2nd-most in his career. But his completion percentage? 2nd-worst.

You can use stats to tell any story. But the truth is, this year's Packers team was flawed. The offense, often looked broken. The defense was broken down by injuries. Only 3 of 11 preferred starters were on the field for the finale.The special teams? Not special in any way, and that's putting it kindly. Perhaps a new head coach can flip the script next year.