Outreach group helping low-income families losing place of operation

GREEN BAY, Wis. In less than a month an outreach group helping low-income families won't have a place in which to operate. ‘Love Life Ministry,’ provides diapers, clothes and furniture to families with toddlers.

For nearly 25 years, Love Life Ministry helps low-income families with young children at two locations in Green Bay.

"They need diapers and formula for their children, those are the basic needs for low income families and they're very appreciative for the items we provide to them," said Peggy Lemerond, a volunteer with Love Life Ministry.

Now its work on the east side will be put to a halt, unless they find a business to sponsor and house operations by September 1st.

Nicky Rogers comes every now and then to grab supplies for her two babies, she's nervous after hearing the outreach needed a new space.

"Diapers are extremely expensive, we're spending $50 to $60 every two weeks on diapers, so that little extra help along the way helps a lot," said Rogers.

"The place that were at on the east side has been very accommodating for us for the last 14 years, however they've got a kindergarten here and they are concerned for the safety of the children, so that's why they're asking that we re-locate so that they can lock down every day," Lemerond says.

Families can utilize the help of Love Life Ministry every Thursday from1 to 4 p.m., up to three times a month. Love Life Ministry's east side location estimates it takes more than 600 green bay area families under its wing every year, and now asks someone to take its outreach under theirs.

"It's a very big necessity, there's so many families that benefit from this all over, being the fact that I'm one of the families, it's something that we need," said Rogers.

For more information contact Peggy Lemerond at 920-336-4423.