Northern Outagamie County took brunt of storm in Fox Valley

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - Outagamie County saw much more of Wednesday's snowstorm compared to some of its neighbors.

We sent our drone, SkyView 2, over Interstate 41 near Fox River Mall Wednesday morning. Roads were wet around 9 a.m. but traffic was still moving.

The sheriff's office says the northern part of the county saw the most calls for help during the morning snowfall, including an overturned semi.

The snowstorm worsened in the afternoon. City and side road conditions worsened.

In the Appleton area, as snow continued to fall into the lunch hour, College Avenue became slick and snow-covered, but nothing that wasn't manageable.

Highway conditions didn't really change as the additional snow fell in the afternoon.

But Wisconsinites who were out and about Wednesday said they liked the snow.

Brad Creighton from Neenah said as the snow fell on him, "I woke up and I was surprised it wasn't as snowy as I thought it was going to be, but I'm one of those people that kind of likes it, so I'm getting a little bit wet, I kind of enjoy it a little bit, too, make it feel a little bit more 'holiday-ee,' wintry."

And Joe Mills with Timberjack Tree and Yard Service is glad for the cold. "I like the snow, for sure. Looking forward to going ice fishing when I get this all done so I can go buy some minnows."

And for some, the snow is good for business.

"The snow for us is really nice this time of year because it does put people in the holiday mood, it gets them thinking about Christmas," Dale VerVoort, owner of the Crazy Sweet candy store said. "It hasn't stopped people from coming out today which is really nice, so it's all good. We like it."

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