Outagamie Co. Highway Department ready for icy conditions

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY)- With a mix of rain and sleet drivers across the Fox Valley Friday evening kept a close eye on the road even though the Outagamie County Highway Department remains mostly on standby, awaiting the more severe stuff.

Once it does hit, there's a plan in place.

Outagamie County Highway Commissioner Dean Steingraber said, "The strategy will be right away get out on Highway 41, 441 and the state highways and make sure that they are-- put some salt down, put some brine down and make sure they are passable. Then we will see what happens. We really don't know exactly when the snow is going to come."

Inside the county garage, the plows have plenty of salt as it could be a long weekend if the storm does stretch out over two days.

Steingraber says with temperatures hovering right around the freezing mark, their job is especially difficult.

"For everybody driving out there, too, you don't see it and all of a sudden it glazes over and then there's a slick spot or two. Obviously when you see that snow come down everybody gets more cautious and that's not what we're going to have here, though. It's going to be ice and it's going to be slippery right off the bat," said Steingraber.

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