Oshkosh school district says it wasn't responsible for pulling student article

Oshkosh North school news website (WBAY photo)

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) - The Oshkosh Area School District released new information to Action 2 News Monday, saying it will not be pursuing disciplinary action for those involved in a student newspaper article which was posted and then pulled from the paper's website.

As Action 2 News reported last Wednesday, a student journalist at Oshkosh North High School said he felt district administrators were trying to censor the school newspaper, "The North Star."

Brock Doemel said he wanted to investigate the whereabouts of an assistant principal who suddenly left the school, but 20 minutes after he posted the article it was removed from the website. He was asked to identify his source for the article, which he refuses to do.

A statement from the school district says the newspaper's staff advisor removed the article over concerns about journalism guidelines, and school and district administrators weren't aware of the article's existence at the time.

The district goes on to say it is not pursuing Brock's source but was trying to get the facts "to protect all parties involved."

Superintendent Vicki Cartwright told us the article contained confidential information because it involves a personnel matter.

The school district said Monday a committee will be reviewing its policy on school-sponsored publications and productions, Policy 5722.

"The purpose of this review process is to ensure that the policy supports the needs of both students and school communities as well as journalistic growth and responsibility within the law regarding school newspapers."

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