Oshkosh restaurant offers grocery boxes to encourage people to stay home

OSHKOSH, Wi. (WBAY) - Many restaurants are making changes to try to serve customers safely. But one Oshkosh pizza place has come up with a new way to keep people home.

"We need to do what we can to help the community right now,” said Jon Doemel, owner of ZaRonis.

ZaRonis, like most restaurants, is doing delivery or takeout orders only during the coronavirus outbreak. But Doemel wanted to take things a bit further.

"If we want to get over this faster we have to do our parts and socially distance ourselves,” said Doemel. “So we wanted to create a way to make it easier for those to stay at home."

That’s why ZaRoni's is now offering grocery boxes, so people can avoid the trip.

"For, you know, seniors, people who are autoimmune compromised, people that can't get out or people afraid to get out,” said Doemel.

The boxes include bread, bananas, potatoes, milk, eggs, water, and several other items. They can be delivered or picked up by takeout.

"We have gone through about 50 of them thus far, which is quite a bit” said Doemel. “And we're just going to continue ordering as long as the need is there."

With help from sponsors, ZaRoni's has been able give many food boxes away for free.

Jake's Diapers even donated about 7,000 graphic novels for the superhero-themed restaurant to give out.

"The kids have been going crazy over them, the adults have been going crazy over them,” said Doemel.

ZaRonis is also offering boxes of gloves to health care workers and nonprofits, something Doemel says has been very popular.

He knows it is a strange time right now, but he believes people can still do a lot to help one another adapt.

"I think that's what community means,” said Doemel. “Even though maybe we're trying to stay apart as much as we can - but I think we can still at the same time come together more than we ever have been before. So that's pretty cool."

For more information on how to order or sponsor the grocery boxes, head to the ZaRonis Facebook page: CLICK HERE