Oshkosh residents dig out from heavy snowfall

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OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY)- Some of the heaviest snow in the Fox Valley centered on downtown Oshkosh Tuesday.

A car is buried in the snow after the city plowed the street (WBAY photo)

That's where icy city streets caught more than a few drivers off-guard and police responded to a countless number of accidents.

"Lots of snow. It's a little slippery out here. It seems like Oshkosh is doing a pretty good job clearing off the roads. There's been some fender benders like up there, so people just really have to be careful," said Paige Owens.

It wasn't just the cars on the road having trouble.

Oshkosh resident Jaidyn Gilgenbach was among the many who found herself stuck and having to dig out a parked car outside her house buried by a plow.

"I have like a street parking pass, so I have to park on the street, and I didn't move it fast enough, so they ended up plowing it in," she said, adding, "And we don't have a snowblower or anything, so we're stuck shoveling our way out of everything."

Eventually Gilgenbach's car did make it out after being pushed.

About a block away, Wayne LaPoint was helping out his neighbors on a lawnmower turned snowblower.

"I had 12 inches of snow dumped. Blew out the driveway, blew out for two car lengths to the street, got going, got stuck in the street, and had to call into work. I couldn't come in. So this, we're getting a lot of snow this time. We're making up for all the ones we missed," said LaPoint while laughing.

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