Oshkosh packaging company offers to help restaurants in need of takeout containers

Published: Mar. 18, 2020 at 8:21 PM CDT
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An Oshkosh company that makes to go containers for the restaurant industry is expecting a spike in demand, but they're also making a special offer to local restaurants in need.

As restaurants everywhere in Wisconsin attempt to promote to go orders with dining rooms shut down there's a greater need for containers.

That's why Westgate Products, an Oshkosh packaging company is hoping to provide some assistance.

Owner Patrick Carroll said,"All we're trying to do is take some of the packages that we make that are made for take out or take home because that's our business and just provide to the local operators at our cost."

By providing to go containers at cost the company hopes small businesses especially, will have a better chance to compete in the weeks to come.

One place making the transition, is Tanners Grill and Bar in Kimberly where owner Bruce Hawley says delivery is now an option for the first time ever.

"Overall I mean I don't know exactly what the numbers will be but I can't even imagine we're going to do a quarter of the business we would normally do in a week, but like I said, carryout and delivery helps us quite a bit, helps us keep some people busy," said Hawley.

The goal is to keep as many people working at Tanners as possible.

Hawley added, "We're figuring it out, and that's the great thing. We have great employees that are working to do whatever it takes."

At Westgate Products the hope is their gesture, will spread to other companies not hurting at the moment.

Lisa Carroll, who co-owns the business with her husband said,"We're just trying to think what can we do, what's one small part that we can do to help throughout the warnings, to others stay calm and just look to others and really help things out."

There's also a movement underway through social media called,"Takeout Thursday" encouraging people to support their locally owned restaurants and post pictures of their food with that hashtag.