Oshkosh car club donating vinyl flag to police department

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OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) - You can always catch members of Midwest Mafia talking about cars or caring for their own, but loving cars isn't all they do.

"Midwest Mafia is a car club designed to reach out to the community and help the community, because without the support of the community we couldn't be able to grow and become the entity that we are now," founder Ben Scovronski.

They're executing their mission by giving the Oshkosh Police Department a vinyl flag at the Fox Valley Law Enforcement Candlelight Vigil next week.

The donation bears an oath printed over a police flag. The back will have signatures from people in the community.

"We're not just a bunch of guys with cars," part owner Thomas Allen said. "We're actually out here to help people. We're out to show people that we do care."

"We support everything they do," Allen said. "I mean, they put their lives on the line just like a normal job like we do."

Ayron Munick said some car clubs and their local police don't always get along, but Midwest Mafia has made it their duty to set a different standard.

"If a cop sees us, they're like, 'Oh, they're a part of this,'" Munick said. "Just because they have a modified vehicle doesn't mean that they are going to be a bad person or be doing something reckless."

The club has held events in the community before and plans to continue bridging that gap between police and car clubs.

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