Oshkosh boy creates Christmas light show for charity

Published: Nov. 10, 2019 at 10:27 PM CST
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Many kids who celebrate Christmas start getting into the holiday spirit this time of year. One Oshkosh boy uses his unique interest to shine a lot of light on the holiday season.

"I always liked electricity and everything related,” said Brody Enli.

So a couple years ago, 10-year-old Brody started putting on a Christmas light show at his Oshkosh home.

"I really enjoy it,” said Brody. “It makes me happy."

It takes Brody roughly a month, and he adds to it every year. This year he came up with an idea to put arches of lights over the driveway. Plus, all the lights will coordinate with Christmas music, making it the ultimate light show for anyone passing by.

"If he's into something, he's all in.",” said Bronson Enli, Brody’s dad.

Bronson says Brody’s efforts have gained him a lot of fans.

"They really love the show so it's just kind of gotten big in a hurry,” said Bronson.

Bronson started a fundraiser for the show this year to try and help Brody reach his ultimate goal.

"I said 'Well, I'm going to put out there a Facebook post because he eventually wants to do it for charity someday,’” said Bronson. “So I put the post out there, and we were just blown away by the response.”

The family already raised their goal of $1,000, which will help make Brody's show bigger. The hope is to draw more people to the show and set up a donation box where visitors can give money to a local charity.

Part of that dream is already becoming a reality due to the success of the fundraiser. Since the family hit their $1000 goal, they will be splitting any further contributions 50/50 between improving Brody's display and the Oshkosh Area Community Pantry's Food4Kids program.

"It's absolutely amazing just the outpouring of support and encouragement,” Bronson.

Brody and his family hope to use that support to spread joy to others with the biggest light show yet.

"It makes me happy when other people are happy,” said Brody. “And I just enjoy that people like watching what I do and enjoy it."

"If the light show makes people smile, great. If the donations can help some more people smile, great. And I know when Brody does the show, or when he's putting all the lights together, he's smiling the whole time,” said Bronson. “So it's kind of a win, win, win."

Brody’s Christmas light show will begin the day after Thanksgiving and will run until Jan. 1 at 1874 Westbreeze Dr. in Oshkosh.

If you would like to make a donation to support the show and the Food4Kids program, visit the

or donate to