Oshkosh West student creates T-shirts to support Officer Michael Wissink

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) - One Oshkosh West High School student is working to unite people through a special project.

Junior John Weigand is creating T-shirts to support school resource officer Michael Wissink

The shirts honor Wissink's heroism and call to "stop violence in schools."

“I think he saved so many lives,” said Weigand. "I just want to show our support as the student body at West, just everybody supporting him."

Proceeds from the $15 shirts will all go to Officer Wissink, who will donate to a charity of his choice.

“I think it’s great,” said Dave Panske. “That’s why I offered, that’s why when he asked if we could help do that I went ‘Oh, definitely.’”

Panske owns the Panske Enterprises screen printing shop. He’s also an Oshkosh West alum and grandfather of a current student.

“I’m just very honored to be able to help them,” said Panske. “They called me and asked and it was very nice, you know. I don’t mind helping out with doing things like this.”

Weigand started selling the shirts Thursday and already has more than 100 orders to fill.

“It’s really cool. I’m glad that people took it well and it’s going well,” said Weigand.

What’s more impressive than the amount of orders he’s gotten already, is the fact that he just learned how to create the T-shirts Thursday.

“We actually had him do the layout, help do the screens, and get it all ready and he actually printed most the shirts [Thursday],” said Panske.

“It was a challenge at first but I caught on pretty quick,” said Weigand.

Weigand’s parents are proud to see him try to create positivity out of a terrible day.

“I think it’s important to do whatever we can to make a difference in the world and to try to find some kind of good or build community however and wherever we can,” said Cathy Weigand. “So the fact that he was able to do that and wanted to do that means a lot.”

Weigand himself is grateful that the school, his classmates, and the community are helping him make a difference.

“I just thought it would help bring people together,” said Weigand.

T-shirts can be ordered by the public through PayPal by sending a payment to stopschoolviolenceoshkosh@gmail.com. Add $10 for shipping or you can pick them up at the Algoma Boulevard United Methodist Church. If you have questions about ordering, send them to stopschoolviolenceoshkosh@gmail.com.

Any students or staff at Oshkosh West can make cash payments and pick up their orders from the school.