Original Packers Fence 2018 slogan honors Lombardi Legacy

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - It wouldn't be the start of a new Green Bay Packers season without a slogan on the Original Packers Fence.

On Monday, community members grabbed paint brushes and added the 2018 slogan:


"They have not had a [Vince] Lombardi quote in the history of this, so it's kind of fitting for our 100th season when you think of what Lombardi meant to our franchise and out history, it's pretty appropriate," said Mark Murphy, Packers President/CEO.

The fence is located at 1177 Shadow Lane, and the side facing Lambeau Field has been delivering a new message every year for almost 35 years.

"It was a tradition started in 1984," owner Fred Haarsch said, "so when I bought the house, I vowed to continue it."

"The people in the community really rally behind it, especially with Fred. I mean, he has done so much for the community," Murphy said.

Green Bay named the fence an historical site in the city.

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