Opportunity of a Lifetime

HOWARD, Wisc.- (WBAY) A Bay Port High School senior is about to embark on a journey overseas to play the sport he loves, tackling the gridiron on Irish soil.

There's a simple reason why Tristen Stevens is passionate about the game of football.

"Just the team aspect, I mean it's a team sport, without the team, there's no I in team," says Stevens.

"Tristen was an unbelievable player for us, probably the best center that we've had," says Bay Port Head Coach Gary Westerman.

Until a few months ago, Tristen and his coach assumed his high school playing days were over, until he received an email.

A coach with American Football Worldwide had come across Tristen's recruiting video website and invited him to be one of 32 seniors from around the country to travel to Ireland to play a game against the top seniors from around Europe.

"It took fundraising, it took hours with family just trying to get everything together because this trip wasn't the cheapest, but it's definitely going to be worth it in the long run," says Stevens.

"Assuming he was chosen to play because he's a great football player #1, he's a better kid #2, and he's worked really hard #3," adds Bay Port Principal Mike Frieder.

Stevens leaves for Ireland on Saturday, and the following five days will consist of morning practices and afternoon sight-seeing.

A unique opportunity that reaches far beyond the final score when they play a week from Thursday.

"I'm sure they're going to spend time with the other team, be able to meet them, understand their culture a little bit, be able to see the sights, things they'll remember for the rest of their life," says Westerman.

"New friendships, a good experience, I've never been overseas before and I'm extremely excited for this opportunity," adds Stevens.