'One-pot' meth lab items dumped at Green Bay park

Published: Oct. 24, 2017 at 9:43 AM CDT
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A dangerous discovery in a Green Bay park this month prompts a warning message from the Brown County Drug Task Force to the community.

Items from a portable meth lab were found in Fireman’s Park, off West Mason Street in Green Bay.

They highlight concerns Action 2 News has been reporting on since meth use began spiking in our area in 2015.

The Brown County Drug Task Force says there's been an increase of meth use in the county

"You have a group of people that become addicted to a drug,” Brown County Drug Task Force’s Lt. John Rousseau said. “They will go to lengths in order to procure that, and this is a mean by which to ingest that drug into their body."

That length includes using the "one pot" method and dumping the supplies in Fireman’s Park.

Investigators say this isn't the first portable lab found in the city but finding items in a public park raises concerns.

"It's very scary,” Lt. Rousseau said. “Like I said, you mix these chemicals together, it's a volatile mixture and you leave a pile of volatile chemicals in an area where kids play, that scares me."

In this case, the reactor was no longer active when it was found in the area, located on W. Mason St. However, authorities say these one-pot devices could cause a fire or explosion.

The Brown County Drug Task Force is working to identify a "cook" who is making meth and dumping the waste at Fireman's Park in Green Bay.

The drug task force believes the "cook" successfully made methamphetamine and will do it again.

It asks the community to call police if they see meth-making items like chemicals, batteries, pseudoephedrine and manipulated bottles.

"Still go out and enjoy the parks, enjoy the city and enjoy everything about it,” Lt. Rousseau said. “Just be alert about what you're seeing and if you see that doesn't look right that raises some suspicion just make sure you call and tell somebody."

The drug task force is asking anyone with information to call officials at (920) 448-4230. You can leave an anonymous tip by calling Crime Stoppers at (920) 432-7867 or texting GBTIP and your tip to 274637.