UPDATE: Body of man killed in explosion from bomb-making activity

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UPDATE: 3/7:

A team of explosives experts will conduct a controlled detonation at a Beaver Dam apartment building where an explosion killed a man.

Beaver Dam Police Chief John Kreuziger held a news conference Wednesday morning to provide an update on the investigation at 109 Knaup Drive.

Kreuziger says investigators have found "highly volatile homemade explosives" in one of the apartments.

"These materials are so sensitive they cannot be handled and cannot be removed affected apartment unit," the police chief said Wednesday.

The chief says the detonation is necessary to "eliminate the threat" from the explosive materials.

Police are not ready to identify the man who died. He was the only person in his unit at the time of the initial blast, police say.

Chief Kreuziger warned the controlled detonation could cause additional damage to other units in the building at 109 Knaup Drive.

Residents of the building will not be able to return until investigators determine it is safe to go back inside. The tenants have been reunited with their pets.

The chief has told residents to avoid the area during the controlled explosion scheduled for 1 p.m. Action 2 News is heading to Beaver Dam to cover this story. Stay with us for updates.

The initial blast happened on the second floor of the complex Monday afternoon, blowing out windows and the sliding glass door of apartment #11.

FBI Victim Assistance Specialists and Dodge County Emergency management are holding at 11:30 a.m. town hall meeting at a Beaver Dam church for residents of the building only.

Beaver Dam Police say they've received assistance from the FBI, ATF, Dodge County Sheriff's Office, and Dane County Sheriff's Office.


The Dodge County Sheriff's Office says an apartment explosion in Beaver Dam that killed one man appears to be the result of bomb-making activity.

The explosion happened on the second floor of the complex Monday afternoon, blowing out windows and the sliding glass door of an upstairs apartment.

Police in Beaver Dam still have not been able to recover the body.

Police Chief John Kreuziger said a news conference Tuesday that chemicals in that apartment are still too sensitive and unstable for officers to enter the unit.

"We took photos and we forwarded that to the FBI, and we got information back that definitely those are explosive devices," Kreuziger said.

He says officers are currently working in the garage at the apartment building where chemicals have also been found.

Police say the man moved into the apartment just a couple months ago. They are not sure if he was involved in terrorist activity.

Agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are helping local law enforcement agencies investigate.

Some of the 150 tenants who were evacuated Monday have not yet been allowed to return to their apartments, but police say they might return home Tuesday night.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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