On the Clock: Overtime Win against Tampa Bay

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Packers playoff hopes are alive. Green Bay's 26-20 win in overtime against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers keeps them in the playoff picture.

Hundley's Play Against the Buccaneers
Packers quarterback Brett Hundley threw for just 84 yards on 13 completions for a passer rating on 48.3 but they still got the win.

"He hasn't thrown a touchdown yet at home," ESPN Wisconsin's Jason Wilde said. "Your numbers are skewed if you have lots of interceptions and no touchdowns so let's not get too carried away but he has played better on the road. I'm not buying this idea that he's more nervous at home or he's worried about the crowd reaction."

Rob Demovsky, ESPN: "I just think it's a lack of consistency. It's what we talked about ever since he took over. That's what Mike McCarthy has talked about and it's what Brett Hundley himself has talked about. The need to play more consistent. He just hasn't figured it out and he may not. That's just what you get with a backup quarterback."

Mark Daniels, WTAQ.com "This passing game is so elementary right now, it's not even funny. The touchdowns he threw in Pittsburgh were a screen pass, a busted cover and Davante Adams with a nice double move. He's not wowing anybody home or away.

How Do The Packers Find Ways To Win
Tampa Bay's passing defense come into Sunday as the worst in the league and yet the Packers managed just 84 yards through the air. Nearly 200 yards rushing, a defensive touchdown, 7 sacks and a punt block shaped the outcome of the game. is this what the Packers need to continue to win?

Demovsky: "You need to get some turnovers. Which they haven't been able to get. You need to get some pressure. You haven't been able to get it. And need to run the ball consistently. They ran it for 199 yards today, that's the season high and that's a great recipe but it's not like you can say 'this is how we are going to do it.' You still have to go do it but I think it's the way they need to play in order to win games."

Daniels: "I like the way Jamaal Williams (has run the ball) and now if Aaron Jones is healthy and showing that burst that he showed on the touchdown run suddenly they have a 1-2 combination that McCarthy has been dying for."

Wilde: "Mike McCarthy told his team, after Aaron Rodgers got hurt that this was the recipe. He needed more from special teams. He needed more from defense. He needed more from the running game but he never really got it. You can win with your quarterback not doing great things."

Playoff Hopes
Daniels: "I still think it's really unlikely. If they run the table, they'll have a shot but I still think it's a long, long shot. There are just so many things that have to happen. I just don't think these guys can win the last four anyway."

Demovsky: "I sat in Mr. McCarthy's math class this week and he said, 'five plus five equals a playoff chance.' Let's talk about it December 31st if they get to 10."

Wilde: "I think their going to have the opportunity. They have to win in Cleveland next week. I'm more eager to see if Aaron Rodgers comes back against Carolina, can they win those three games because we all act like Aaron Rodgers comes back and its an automatic victories. It may not be the case."