Oh Rats! More Green Bay neighborhoods report problems

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – It’s a story we first brought to your attention a few weeks ago when neighbors near Lambeau Field started noticing more rats in their neighborhood, but now it seems the problem is even more widespread in the Green Bay area.

Residents living near Fisk Park say they’re starting to notice rats, too.

“My biggest concern is that they do carry all kinds of diseases that would affect our animals,” said Mary Lou Winters, a Fisk Park neighbor.

Winters said she was excited to see so many neighbors gather at Fisk Park Thursday night to address the growing rat problem in the neighborhood.

“I haven’t seen any rats in my backyard, but I do have some indications that there are some at night,” said Winters. “I am trying to do proactive measures in my back yard. I have a four-foot pond that I have drained.”

“I saw the signs, I knew what the signs were,” said Noreen Hamm.
Hamm, another Fisk Park neighbor who has also seen some rat indicators on her property.

“I was gone for eight days and when I came back underneath my back porch, there was a burrow under my porch,” said Hamm.

Winters and Hamm, along with city and county officials, are hoping to work as a team to come up with a solution to get rid of the rats.

“You can have 8 people on the block and if everyone doesn’t cooperate just to keep areas clean and sanitized, it won’t do any good,” said Hamm.

President of Fisk Addition Neighborhood Association, Joy Glass, has already started looking into grant money to help residents.

“It can do wonders,” said Glass. “Twenty dollars for this person and $400 for that person, there are state grants and federal grants. There’s so much available.”

City leaders are also hoping to do more on their end.

“I think what we will do is take a look at our budgets and see what we have in inspection,” said Mark Steuer, Green Bay City Council Vice President. “We might have to up the ante a bit and say, ‘look this is a serious issue and we need to talk more about it’.”

Here are some tips to keep rats out of your yard:
• Keep your grass cut short
• Trim weeds and bushes along the house
• Put garbage in garbage cans
• Remove birdseed, vegetables or any other food source from the yard
• Remove pooled water, bird baths or any other water source from the yard
• Dispose of compost properly
• Remove clutter from yard
• Check around your house, garage and shed for any burrows or holes where grass, rocks or dirt has been removed.

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