Officials warn potential aluminum tariffs could increase beer prices

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- A Wisconsin Republican is warning President Donald Trump that a trade crackdown could make your beer more expensive.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) worries Trump’s plan to level the playing field for American industry – will fall flat with beer drinkers.

Johnson said, “In Wisconsin, we’re all concerned about the price of beer.”

President Trump wants to help American metal manufacturers compete by charging a tax on imports -- known as a tariff – as foreign steel and aluminum flood the U.S. market.

During a Tuesday meeting with Republicans and Democrats at the White House, Trump said, “You see what’s happened with our steel and aluminum industries, they’re being decimated by dumping, and from many countries.”

Johnson said foreign competition is a problem, but steep charges on importers will mean Wisconsin beer brewers will pay more to can.

Johnson said, “I’m highly concerned that if we slap tariffs, and they’re not properly targeted to just the abusers, it could raise the price of rolled steel, rolled aluminum that goes into packaging, goes into beer cans. increase the price of beer.”

President Trump has until April to decide how to handle any changes to trade policy on imported steel and aluminum.

Legislators who were inside Tuesday’s meeting say they were not given a concrete proposal of how large any potential tariffs could be.

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