Oconto County man raising money for AEDs after life-saving event

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PULASKI, Wis. (WBAY) - This time last week Oconto County Deputy, Joe Lebreck, and his automatic external defibrillator did their job on Highway 41.

"The Oconto County Sheriff's Office received a call of a one vehicle crash," Deputy Lebreck said. "The Wisconsin State Patrol, Jenny Austin, arrived on scene and stated that there was an unresponsive male and that they were starting CPR on the subject.

That subject was Marvin Andree, suffering from a heart attack during his drive to work.

If it wasn't for Deputy Lebreck's AED, Andree's family said he wouldn't be here today.

"We believe that it was a God thing and that everybody was where they needed to be just because it wasn't his time to go," Marvin's wife Dawn Andree said.

Friday afternoon Andree met every first responder that helped save his life.

"To meet him and to kind of get that closure on a positive note is so better than what the outcome could've been in this situation," said Deputy Lebreck.

This was the first time the AED in the county was used.

In fact, Deputy Lebreck had just received the first and only AED three weeks ago.

The Oconto County Sheriff's Office partnered with NEW Paramedic Rescue of Pulaski (Gold Cross INC.) to obtain the AED.

County Rescue Ambulance supplied the First Responder bag, both at no cost to the Sheriff's Office.

Andree said his story is an example of how important AEDs are and he and his wife plan to raise money to purchase one for the Sheriff's office.

"I think it's neat, but i also think it's sad that we don't have them in all of our vehicles," Marvin Andree said. "We live in 2019, why don't all of our vehicles have them?"

Marvin is now raising money to get more AEDs for Oconto County squads. The starting goal is to get two new AEDs. They hope eventually to get one for every squad.CLICK HERE to donate to the online fundraiser.

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