Nursing homes with COVID-19 investigations named in Wisconsin

Published: May. 13, 2020 at 3:55 PM CDT
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The names of 38 nursing homes in Wisconsin where there are active public health investigations due to a case of COVID-19 have been released.

It only takes one positive test at a nursing home to trigger an investigation; it takes two cases to trigger investigations at any other facility, such as factories, jails or non-health related workplaces.

Outbreaks at nursing homes have been a particular concern because older people are more susceptible to the virus.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm said Wednesday that the names were released “in order to provide peace of mind to families who cannot visit or check on their loved ones during these unprecedented times.”

The 38 active investigations come after a total amount of 46 nursing home investigations, meaning eight investigations across the state are no longer active.

In Brown County, there have been investigations at 14 long-term facilities, including two active investigations at Grancare Nursing Center and Odd Fellows Nursing Home.

Other nursing homes in the WBAY viewing area being investigated include:

-St. Paul Elder Services in Outagamie County

-Rocky Knoll Health Care Center in Sheboygan County

-Sunny Ridge in Sheboygan County

Fond du Lac County also had one nursing home investigation. However, it is not currently an active investigation, so it isn't being named by the DHS.

In addition, Country Villa in Pulaski wasn't included in the active investigation list.

Previously, the department only listed how many investigations into nursing homes were ongoing but did not name any facilities.

The DHS says there have been 73 public health investigations in Northeast Wisconsin.

Of those, there were investigations at 14 long-term care facilities, 27 workplaces which are non-health care, three at group housing facilities, and three other locations listed as "other" on the DHS website.

Locations were not identified on the website if they weren't a nursing home.

to learn more about investigations throughout the state.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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