Not One Penny campaign tours Northeast Wisconsin

Published: Nov. 19, 2017 at 10:04 AM CST
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A local group toured the area this weekend – with a display calling attention to President Donald Trump.

The “Not One Penny” Campaign traveled from Fond du Lac to Oshkosh to Appleton to Green Bay on Saturday. The group toured with a giant inflatable chicken, meant to represent the president.

The group says its mission is to demand that Wisconsin’s elected officials give “not one penny more” in tax cuts to the wealthy.

Dozens came out to join the group, with plenty of others showing support or disagreement with protests.

“We’ve gotten a lot of different responses. Everything from horns being honked, to certain gestures you would not put on the air,” says event organizer Brian Eisold. “A lot of it has been positive. The more that people learn about what’s in the tax bill, the more they’re against it.”

Last week, the House voted to approve the Tax Reform Bill.

“Not One Penny” plans more protests as the bill makes its way through Washington.