Northland Mall has parking lot safety concerns since roundabout construction started

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY-TV) Northland Mall's manager, Angie Walker, is worried about safety because her parking lot looks like a busy thoroughfare since construction began on a roundabout nearby.

Construction is ongoing at the intersection of Richmond and Northland in Appleton.

Besides building a roundabout, crews are also making improvements to sewers and pavement.

Cars turning around with drivers wearing looks of confusion are a common sight in the Northland Mall parking lot.

"It's very confusing, there aren't really enough signs telling where you can and can't go," said Dorothy Abendroth, who was driving in the area.

People are trying to use the parking lot to get around construction, but the road behind the mall is closed so shop owners can safely exit their stores, and the exit onto Richmond is closed for about a week.

Walker is now having traffic directed in the parking lot

"There'd be a line of traffic going behind the mall, trying to get out at different places," said Walker.

Project manager Tim Rank says the Department of Transportation doesn't typically put signs on private property like the parking lot.

"We want to encourage people to take the local streets,” Rank said. “Not necessarily take and utilize private parking lots. To do that because it just causes congestion problems and safety issues."

Walker doesn't mind people using the parking lot to cut through saying people need to slow down or she'll have no choice but to keep parts of this parking lot closed.

"Look for people that are coming out of the stores along the strip, that's why we implemented the speed bumps, that's why we added more stop signs," said Walker.

The mall may add more signs and the dot says road closures and detours are online.

All while this driver is focused on the bright side even after turning around.

"As long as their making improvements to the streets, I can't complain," said Alaina Verstegen, who was driving in the area.