Northeast Wisconsin business says winter weather is hurting its bottom line

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PULASKI, Wis. (WBAY) - While some businesses benefit from the cold weather, others say it’s hurting their bottom line.

A well-known bakery in Northeast Wisconsin has closed a few times due to icy roads and inches of snow.

"For me it's frustrating and for my wife it's frustrating because obviously it affects the bottom line," owner of Smurawa’s County Bakery Greg Smurawa said.

He said while business has been good, he's seen better.

"If you decide to stay open and there's nobody coming, then you're wasting money," Smurawa said. "If you're closed and you hear or see people stopping, then foolishly you're thinking 'I just lost out.'"

Greg said he's had to make reasonable decisions that also affect his employees.

"We've got a lot of high school kids," said Smurawa. “Although they were off from school, they're coming in from the countryside, and we tell them stay home and don’t drive in this."

It's been a tough winter all around, and it's not over.

"If you own a small business and you think you know everything, then karma comes in and teaches you that you don't know diddly,” said Smurawa.

Smurawa believe his reputation in the community will help him during the winter months.

"People come by and say, 'Oh, they're closed,'” he said. “They understand it’s the weather or it's this or he posted it on Facebook or on our website. People are accustomed to that. They know what's going on."

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