CONSUMER ALERT: Social Security didn't call you to cancel your benefits

(WBAY) - The Federal Trade Commission issued a new warning about the Social Security impostor scam.

Photo Source: Pixabay / MGN

We've reported on this scam for more than two years. It's cost victims millions of dollars already this year.

A new twist is a robocall saying your benefits will end.

The FTC shared a recording so people can be familiar with this common scam.

A monotone voice says, "All your Social Security benefits will be canceled until further clearance. In case you feel this is due to an error, you may connect with legal Security Security. In order to connect with a Social Security Administration officer, press 1 now. In case we did not hear from you, your social (sic) will be blocked permanently."

The Social Security scam is the top complaint from people calling the Wisconsin Consumer Protection hotline.

The numbers nationwide tell the same story. The FTC says people filed nearly 73,000 reports already this year and they lost $17 million.

Just two years ago, it had 3,200 people report losing nearly $210,000.

If you're getting these Social Security scam calls, you're not alone. If you are contacted, just hang up. Even better, don't answer the phone, even if Caller ID says it's the Social Security Administration. Don't call any phone number they give you.

The real Social Security Administration won't call to threaten your benefits. If there is an issue with your benefits, you would receive a letter. The government agency certainly won't ask you to pay any type of fee or fine with gift cards.

Tell your relatives, especially older relatives, and friends about these scams.

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