New twist in IRS scam demands “Federal Student Tax” payment

Published: May 27, 2016, The IRS is warning about another twist in the ongoing scams with callers posing as IRS agents. In this new variation, the callers are demanding payment of the Federal Student Tax.

There’s no such thing as a Federal Student Tax.

“These scams and schemes continue to evolve nationwide, and now they’re trying to trick students,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said in a statement.

Callers demand payment of the tax immediately or threaten to report them to police.

There have been other IRS scams. The most comment Action 2 News has heard about is threatening people claiming they owe back taxes. We’ve also heard about scammers claiming to help people complete their tax information.

The IRS says a demand for immediate payment over the phone should be a red flag. If a taxpayer is delinquent, the IRS will mail a bill to them first; a phone call will not be their first contact.

The IRS also won’t threaten to involve police or other law enforcement agencies immediately for not paying.

And the IRS won’t demand prepaid debit cards or Green Dot cards, or accept iTunes gift cards for payment.

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