New scam: Scammers will call you a taxi

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Originally published February 24, 2016 The Brown County Sheriff’s Office warns residents of a new scam targeting our area — calling for taxis, or the police.

“We have had two instances this week where scammers are sending taxi cabs to people’s homes to take them to withdraw money,” said Lt. Christopher E. Knurr with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

In another instance, the sheriff’s office says a scammer called to have deputies check on the welfare of a woman who wasn’t taking his calls — after he’d already taken $40,000 from her — according to Lt. Knurr.

Authorities warn people not to open the door for people they don’t know. This includes “if someone shows up at their homes, including taxi drivers, related to withdrawing money. If this occurs we will be putting calls in and sending officers to deal with the people going to their homes,” Lt. Knurr said.

If you see something suspicious, say something and call local law enforcement.

Let friends and relatives know about these scams, particularly older adults.