New "diverging diamond interchange" coming to Fox Crossing

Example of a diverging diamond exchange traffic pattern (Wikimedia Commons)
Example of a diverging diamond exchange traffic pattern (Wikimedia Commons)(WBAY)
Published: Mar. 7, 2018 at 8:11 PM CST
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We're just months away from the start of construction on the first ever diverging diamond intersection in Northeast Wisconsin.

The design is supposed to make left turns easier and a lot safer.

Drivers on Oneida Street by Highway 441 in Fox Crossing and Appleton will soon see the dramatic shift in the traffic pattern, which eliminates left turns across oncoming traffic.

Wisconsin DOT Design Project Manager Scott Ebel said, "It looks a little scarier when you look at it from above than it does at the driver level. From the driver perspective it will be similar in that you will approach a signalized intersection just like you normally would. You will go through that intersection where the difference is, after you cross that intersection you will be on the other side of the road."

The DOT says signs will be posted to guide drivers who might otherwise be confused at first.

"We really think that once drivers actually drive through the intersection, I think it's going to be a lot more intuitive than just by looking at it on a map," said Ebel.

Right now the only other intersection like this in Wisconsin is in Janesville.

In Fox Crossing, the timetable for construction was actually bumped up.

Ebel said, "The interchange is scheduled to be reconstructed from August 1st through November 1st this year. Starting in July you will see some ramp closures on the north side of the interchange, then on August 1st the entire interchange and roadway will be closed."

Ongoing construction on the 441 project will continue through the end of 2019.Instructional video about diverging diamond interchanges from the Washington State Dept. of Transportation: