New app keeping kids busy while home from school

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - While kids are out of class and forced to stay at home, parents are using new tools to keep their kids busy.

Appleton mom, Melina Mexas, said the BusyKid App, is doing exactly what it says for her two kids.

"We can't go anywhere, so it's nice for them to have little things to check off," Appleton Mom Melina Mexas said.

Mexas said while the kids are out of school until further notice, the app encourages them to do some household chores like washing the dishes, cleaning the house while earning some cash.

"They've got their own debit card which is cool for them," Mexas said. "So my son likes to keep a certain amount in savings."

Here's how it works.

Kids have their assigned chores on the app and they check them off once completed.

Each chore completed rewards them with cash.

CEO of BusyKid, Gregg Murset, said it also teaches them how to manage their coins.

"And we're going to divide that money up automatically in savings, sharing and spending," BusyKid CEO Gregg Murset said. "So a kid learns real quick that when they earn money, that's what happens. They save a little bit, they share a little bit and then they spend a bit."

Every Thursday the app let's parents know how much they owe their kid and the money automatically goes onto a child's card.

"We actually allocate or split up the money based upon a kid's age, but if you as a parent want to override that or change it you totally can," Murset said.

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