New addiction hotline in Wisconsin is a step towards recovery

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Anyone struggling with addiction to opioids and other substances can now call a statewide help-line.

Image Source: USDA / MGN

The Wisconsin Addiction Recovery Helpline is free and designed to connect people with the local treatment and counseling options.

All you have to do is dial "211" to get the local help you need.

“This is really another piece of the puzzle that we're really excited about. We're excited about the partnership with 211, and really we're hoping that this is a way to link individuals with treatment and other recovery support services when they need it most,” said Paul Krupski, Director of Opioid Initiatives with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

In 2016, 827 people in Wisconsin died from prescription painkillers, heroin, and opioids like Fentanyl, and although the 2017 numbers are not out yet, state health officials said it's a growing problem.

Addiction treatment centers agree.

“We offer residential care in the 28-day program, intensive outpatient care, family days, family weekends, and so it's a comprehensive set of people suffering. We also are able to treat co-occurring conditions, so often people have underlying trauma, underlying health conditions,” said Larry Connors, CEO of the Jackie Nitschke Center in Green Bay.

The new addiction hotline offers referrals to local resources like the Jackie Nitschke Center in Green Bay which is focused on recovery and helping the entire family.

The 211 service takes into account cost, too.

“They can also help with making sure individuals have a better idea upfront of what the cost may be, and how it could be paid for, based on what type of insurance they might have, I think that's a really important piece to this,” said Krupski.

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