Neighbors call plans for public boat launch at former Eagle's Nest site 'poor planning'

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY ) -- City, county, and state leaders sit down with local organizations dedicated to improving water access to lower Green Bay.

A major part of that discussion focuses on the future of the former Eagle's Nest Supper Club and Marina property located on Nicolet Drive.

State Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview) represents the 88th Assembly DIstrict which includes the now empty former Eagle's Nest property.

"We don't argue with the fact that we always want to be forward thinking and be a little bit ahead of where the community needs for infrastructure," said Macco. "We just don't think that that site is the place for it."

Brown County officials plan to open a public boat launch and safe harbor at the location after purchasing the 4.5 acres of land.

"The Eagle's Nest property itself is simply too far removed from any other lower bay initiative," said Macco. "It costs schools, technical college, city government, and county government way too much money in lost taxes."

"Anytime government moves taxable property off of the tax rolls, it makes the taxpayers who are left pay more," said Martin Webber, Nicolet Drive Neighborhood Association.

"Development of the Eagle's Nest property into a public boat launch is poor planning, does not actually solve a problem, and simply doesn't logically fit into any comprehensive lower bay utilization plan," said Bill Acker, Nicolet Drive resident and president of Acker & Associates.

Macco joins both Acker and Webber in advocating for new development to happen in that area as an alternative to Brown County's current plan.

"With the exception of an occasional tournament and with both launch and boat permits actually down, there is no justification for a completely new facility. Any enhancements needed could be much more inexpensively and logically made at existing facilities," said Acker.

Action 2 News reached out to Brown County Deputy Executive Jeff Flynt on this issue. He encourages everyone interested in this project to attend the Education and Recreation Committee meeting on Thursday, June 26 or attend upcoming Brown County Board of Supervisors meetings to comment either for or against the plans.