Neighbors along West Mason Street voice concern over excessive speeding, high traffic

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- After pleading with the city, neighbors along West Mason Street are seeing some changes that are aimed to make crossing the road safer.

Neighbors living along West Mason Street between Packerland and Hillcrest Drive are concerned over excessive speeding and high traffic.

Heavy traffic and drivers going over 35 miles per hour between Packerland and Hillcrest Drive along Mason has been an issue for neighbors living in the area for quite some time.

Those who live in the King of Arms neighborhood say it’s a treacherous walk to one of the only parks in the area.

“Fritsch Park is the closest park to us and I know quite a few people, including my family, it would be nice to ride our bikes over to the park; but really, it’s just not safe. There's too much traffic on Mason Street for it to be safe and on top of that, people are going too fast,” said Sarah Lueschow, president of the King of Arms Neighborhood Association.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation roughly 38,400 vehicles pass between Packerland and Hillcrest Drive daily.

After hearing concerns from neighbors at a city committee meeting, Green Bay Police decided to step up patrols in the area over the last few weeks.

“He [an officer] made 31 traffic stops and issued 27 citations, finding most of the speeding violations at or above 15 miles over the speed limit there,” said Lt. Brad Strouf, operations lieutenant for the Green Bay Police Dept.

He says those citations were written over the course of a week.

Police also put out flashing speed boards near Lacount Road, where it intersects with Mason, hoping to make people more aware of how fast they're going.

“Because it's wide, because of the fact that houses are set back off of the road, it gives the appearance of highway or a roadway that would have a higher speed limit,” said Lt. Strouf.

Lt. Strouf says the Oneida Police Department is also aware of the issue, which is putting neighbors like Lueschow at ease, knowing steps are being taken to make her neighborhood safer.

“We don't want the action to come after something has happened,” said Lueschow.

The Green Bay police department is also in the process of hiring another traffic officer and hope to add another next year.

“Speeding and/or other traffic complaints are the top complaint received by the police departments. It speaks highly as to the safe community we live in when traffic violations are the main concern or main focus of citizens,” said Lt. Strouf.