$129.58 million school referendum question to go on the ballot in Neenah

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NEENAH, Wis. (WBAY)- The Neenah Joint school board voted Tuesday night to place a nearly $130 million dollar referendum on the ballot April 2nd.

That money would help cover the cost of a number of building improvements, including the construction of a new Shattuck Middle School.

The board voted 6-2 allowing the referendum to move forward.

Discussion on this started back in January.

This is the first referendum in the district since 2006 and the first referendum addressing facility needs since 1995.

The money would go towards upgrading electrical, plumbing, and HVAC in every school--- plus the remodeling of the tech wing inside the high school.

A big chunk would also cover the cost of tearing down Shattuck Middle School and re-building it.

If the referendum passes-- taxpayers can expect to pay an extra $167 on a one hundred thousand dollar house.

Dr. Mary Pfeiffer, district superintendent said, "Currently and we have for a long time been the lowest mill rate in the Valley. So we would be probably be in the middle when it comes to taxes. That would be in addition to what are taxpayers are paying now."

Neenah resident Ted Galloway was among those who spoke out at the meeting. He said,"I go back to my attendance this spring when I heard one of the school board members say, geez how did we get in a spot where all of our buildings needed this much work and I've contended all along that we should have been going for smaller referendums all along to continue to support our deteriorating facilities."

The district will hold at least three open houses to give people a chance to ask questions.

The first one is scheduled for February 20th.