Neenah students referred for charges for fire alarms, shooting rumors

NEENAH, Wis. (WBAY) - An investigative lieutenant with the Neenah Police Department says several high school students are being referred for charges after a number of scares for students and parents since last week.

Two students will be referred to juvenile intake for roles setting off school alarms three times, and two students will be referred to juvenile intake for placing rumors of a shooting threat on social media, the police department said Tuesday night.

Police are making their presence known around the school this week after the fire alarm was pulled Friday and Monday.

Police say in working with the high school they identified the student who was responsible but students posted messages on social media "that made the situation worse."

In messages to parents, the Neenah Joint School District and police say students created rumors of a threat of a school shooting. The police investigation found there was no credible threat.

"All of the students who created the unfounded messages we are aware of have been dealt with," the school district wrote.

"Thank you to all who provided tips in helping to keep our community and schools safe," the police department wrote.

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