Neenah passes ordinance which bans vaping by all minors

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NEENAH, Wis. (WBAY)- An ordinance banning all vaping by minors passes the Neenah city council Wednesday night.

The city is among the first to do so in the state.

Council members voted 7-2 in favor of the ordinance after a rather long debate.

State law already prohibits minors from possessing or consuming tobacco and nicotine products but it's not illegal for stores to sell liquids for vaping that don't contain nicotine.

Police say that makes it hard for them because they can't visibly tell the difference. This ordinance changes that.

It also had the support of the Neenah Joint School District.

During the meeting a member of the Winnebago County Health Department told the council that about 25 percent of Neenah's high school students in a survey admitted to using vaping products or e-cigarettes.

Mayor Dean Kaufert supports the ordinance. He added,"It's becoming a problem. We're hearing more health professionals that it's a, some people are telling me it's a gateway to starting smoking. So, we're trying to do something proactive and get out ahead of it."

However Neenah Alderwoman Kathie Boyette disagreed and voted against it. She said,"The state law says minors can't obtain this stuff. The local vape shops don't sell it to minors so it's not an issue there. If it's on the school property and the school is having the issue then I think the school needs to enforce that."

The ordinance will take effect in a couple of weeks.

Fines range from $92-$187 depending upon the minor's age.