Neenah family reunited after separation due to coronavirus

Published: Feb. 24, 2020 at 9:28 PM CST
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A Neenah woman and her two kids are back home after a trip to China that led to a quarantine amid concerns over the coronavirus.

Action 2 News has been following the separation of the Roth family for several weeks now.

Sam Roth stayed in Neenah for work, while his wife, Daisy and two daughters, 5 year old Abigail and 10 month old Adalynn went to Wuhan, China to visit family.

During that time concerns over COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus resulted in the area being in lockdown.

"I definitely feel like I'm grateful for all the help people provided for us and it felt good I got my kids back and they're safe but it's a really hard decision to make to leave my parents there," said Daisy Roth Monday evening.

The process of getting home hasn't been easy.

To leave China the family had to fly on a special flight that took them to Travis Air Force Base in northern California where they were kept in quarantine until given the okay that they didn't have the virus.

She added,"It's actually kind of like a recovering process from the quarantine in China, because actually the quarantine in the states is much nicer. We could actually go out and I felt safe."

Last week Sam Roth went to California to meet his family so they could travel home together.

"I'm also really grateful that the community here has welcomed us back and is not afraid of us. We've even got a certificate granted from the CDC saying we are not a danger to the community," Sam Roth said.

Daisy added, "We're really lucky actually. Actually our flight was lucky too, because no one got it in our flight."

The family says they keep in touch daily with their relatives in Wuhan and fortunately none of the them have had any symptoms of the virus.

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