Neenah police update robber's description; shooting victim's friends seek justice

Neenah Police
Neenah Police(WBAY)
Published: Oct. 16, 2019 at 4:20 PM CDT
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Neenah Police are piecing together more information about a suspect in the deadly robbery at the Short Branch Saloon early Monday morning.

Investigators are looking for a white man who's tall -- 6'3" or taller -- who is bald or balding or has extremely short hair. He has an average build. You might see an injury to his head or face.

Police released surveillance video indicating the robber drove away in a dark colored, four-door car with silver hubcaps. He left going south on Harrison St.

Police identified the victim of the shooting as Kevin "Hollywood" Hein. He was set to turn 60 years old on Oct. 30.

There's a bench outside Short Branch covered with flowers and also a gentle teddy bear to remember a man who never met a stranger he couldn't be friends with.

"Always smiling, always in a good mood. He wanted to help everybody. You know, he was willing to listen to your problems and give advice or suggestions, and he really was just an all around great guy that's very approachable," one of Hein's friends, David Gerard, told us.

Most people who knew him considered him family, and friends say Hein treated Short Branch as a second home.

"He was a big supporter, obviously, of local music, and he was a big working class hero and a kind man," Eleni Skiba described.

"Any sort of music you could find -- and if it was something Hollywood enjoyed, you'd see him there having fun," Gerard remembered.

Hein's friends say like any other day, he was doing what he loved: listening to live music at the Short Branch Saloon. They didn't know that would be the night when an armed robber would walk in.

"It's scary almost, and I'm sure the authorities will find him," Eleni said.

Tuesday, Neenah police released video of a suspect. The video was shot on a cell phone from inside Short Branch Saloon. A person is seen putting on sunglasses and a face mask.

to view video of the suspect.

to view video of the suspect vehicle.

Friends say the pain and loss remains because the killer is still out there. They hope talking about Hein will help bring his killer to justice.

"If he's willing to go into a bar and fire off a firearm at people, he's willing to go to other places and do the same thing," Gerard said. "Somebody's got to know something, and somebody's got to speak up and say something to catch this guy, because this is not what our community is about."

Employees at the bar told us they're not ready to talk publicly yet but told us they're planning to hold a celebration of life for Hein on October 26.

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