Native Americans in Wisconsin celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day

ONEIDA, Wis. (WBAY) - Tribes and communities across Wisconsin celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day, part of a trend to move away from Christopher Columbus Day, which is still observed as a federal holiday.

Oneida Nation invited the community to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day

“Indigenous Peoples Day is the recognition that the indigenous peoples of the Americas have always been here, and is to correct the historical inaccuracies as well as provide an opportunity for education for the broader community of the major contributions that those people have to America,” said Brandon Yellowbird Stevens, Vice Chairman of Oneida Nation.

Since 1992 Native American advocates have pressed states to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. More than 100 cities in the U.S, including Green Bay, have vouched to recognize the change.

“I think it's really important to set the historical record straight but to also look forward and celebrate what indigenous people are contributing to our community every single day,” said City of Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich.

Genrich said there's still a lot of work to do, but said on Monday that this push for change is a step forward.

People of the Oneida Nation said having local and state leaders stand with them meant a lot.

“I would love for people to commemorate the day, to remember resilience that our indigenous people are here to celebrate what we've been here all along, that we will continue to be here, and to be grateful and to learn from one another,” said Iris Hill from Oneida Cultural Heritage.