NWTC Civil Engineering students claim top honor

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A team of civil engineering students at NWTC recently claimed the distinction of being the best of the best.

Last week in Nevada, they took first place in a surveying competition sponsored by the National Society of Professional Surveyors.

The classroom, therefore, might seem a little boring compared to the journey the students just completed.

"I was nervous. I think we all were, because we wanted to compete and do well," says NWTC student Zachary Tillman.

Competing against 11 other college teams from around the country, the students were dropped off in the Nevada desert, and the competition had a catch.

"Rudimentary survey equipment," says NWTC Civil Engineering Instructor Howard Herrild, "nd they had to lay out a one square acre parcel, and with that parcel they also had to do a topographical survey and show drainage on the site."

Rudimentary. That meant no map, no GPS, no high-tech equipment --
just a tape measure, plumb bob and a compass.

After battling 50 mph winds during their field day, the team then had an office day to calculate their coordinates and map out their parcel for a presentation.

"It was just a big group effort combining all of our skills and something that we could produce," says NWTC student Connor Christopherson.

And produce they did, earning top honors and this championship trophy.

"That was really cool that we actually pulled through and won," says Christopherson.

"Excellent experience. Definitely through school here you don't get that every day so it was very nice," says Tillman.

This is the first time NWTC took part in the competition, which featured a number of large four year universities.

The students raised $7,000 to pay for their trip and hope to do it again next year and defend their title.

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