NEW Zoo's new snow leopard flown to Green Bay

Rajan, a male snow leopard (Photo provided by NEW Zoo)
Rajan, a male snow leopard (Photo provided by NEW Zoo)(WBAY)
Published: May. 28, 2019 at 6:27 PM CDT
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This snow leopard can fly. A 12-year-old snow leopard from the Tulsa Zoo was flown on a private plane to Green Bay on Thursday by a friend of the NEW Zoo and Adventure Park in Suamico.

The zoo is getting ready to welcome Rajan to be a companion to be a companion to its 19-year-old female snow leopard, Tami, which has been alone at the zoo since her elderly mate died last year.

"They appreciate this kind of transport because it's a long ways, and we can bring them back up in an air-conditioned trip that's only three hours to Tulsa whereas if you were going to drive it'd be substantially more than that," pilot Charles Yanke said.

While the new exhibit space for the snow leopards is still in the works, zoo staff says it's best to introduce them as soon as possible.

They'll be separated by mesh gates until the big cats decide they can be in the same space.

Zoo staff says they may be too old to mate but at least they will have companionship.

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