Fosters needed to help bottle feed kittens at Wisconsin Humane Society

NORTHEAST WISCONSIN (WBAY) - And now for the cutest, most precious opportunity in the world: The Wisconsin Humane Society is looking for people who are willing to foster "bottle baby" kittens.

A bottle baby is a kitten that is orphaned and too young to eat solid food. They're typically one day to four weeks old.

The Humane Society says looking after a bottle baby is a serious commitment.

"When it comes to bottle babies, they are just like a newborn infant," said Tania Huycke-Phillips, foster specialist with Wisconsin Humane Society. "Feeding every two to three hours, keeping them warm and keeping them clean."

Fosters like Christina Clark have helped about 40 kittens, and she said she's not stopping anytime soon.

"I do it because I love being able to see the difference it makes from when they are first born to when they are able to be adopted," said Clark, a member of the foster program. "It's just very rewarding."

Huycke-Phillips said because the bottle babies need round-the-clock care, the shelter isn't the best place for them to be at this young age because they don't have much of an immune system. She said that is where people like Clark come in and give the kittens the best possible start in life.

"Some of the animals that come to us don't have a vaccine history, have never been to a vet clinic and might be sick, so we want to get these kittens into a place they are not going to be exposed to this," said Huycke-Phillips.

If you would like to learn more about the Wisconsin Humane Society's foster program, email Tania Huycke-Phillips at or call her at 920-469-3110, extension 104.